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A Guide In Choosing The Right Wheels and Rims

Cars are one of the best inventions humankind has ever made. It has made human lives so much easier and gave society so much convenience. When you buy a car, there’s so much you can do to set it up and transform it into your own liking. A lot of people really obsess about their car wheels. There are so many styles available on the market that can fit your taste. And if you’re clueless about cars, and need to buy your new set of wheels and rims, here’s a guide on what you need to consider.

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You should first know what size and range of wheel and tire that will fit your car. If you know this information, you will be able to choose the perfect rims that will fit your car. You can find your wheel and rim size information by checking out your tire. These pieces of information are stamped on it, along with other information that may help you when finding the right size rims.

Bolt Patterns

There are a lot of bolt patterns to also choose from, and your new custom wheels should match for it to fit your car correctly. Unless the bolt pattern is right, the wheels will not the car.


There are two choices to choose from, alloy or steel. The difference is alloy wheels in general significantly improve car performance by decreasing the unsprung weight and enhancing fuel economy. Steel wheels, on the other hand, are more affordable and are far easier to fix in the case of damage. So it is important to choose which one would benefit you more.

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It is indeed more important to consider first the right rims and wheels for your car to enhance its performance. However, that doesn’t mean that it can’t also look good at the same time. The style and finish on a new set of custom rims can change the look of your car. There are so many choices in the market that will suit your taste.

When you’ve already decided on a new set of wheels and rims, it is essential to take proper care of it. Proper maintenance will ensure that it will last longer, and it will look great. You should learn how to clean it, and at the first signs that you see something wrong with it, make sure to have it checked by an expert.

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Various types of car seat covers that you should know

The feeling of being behind the wheels is determined by the quality of the car seat cover. The type of the seat can be uncomfortable and not appealing. The seat cover can cover all this by being beautiful and comfortable. For the expensive car like BMW and Mercedes, they come with their own seat covers that are made of high-quality leather. Neoprene seat covers can change any car into this class by their top quality covers. All modification is meant to meet a close similarity to the expensive cars’ covers.

Various types of car seat covers

Camo seat covers

carThis is a type of car seat cover comes in different durable material as well as camouflaging patterns. They include mossy, real tree and krypton pattern. They come in different materials. Neoprene material is a material that is 100% waterproof. It is the same as the neosupreme cover but is it less expensive and completely waterproof. The Neosupreme is the best modification of camo seat covers. It has made some an expensive rubber material and used in high wetsuits. It comes with a soft cushion, and it is also very flexible and easily installable.

Canvas seat covers

They come in many fabric types blended together and vary in texture and durability. They are of three specifications: the canvas comes in a sturdy polyester or cotton blend. They can be treated for stain and water resistance. They are the best cover for people who love clean covers as they are easily cleanable.

The duck weave specification comes with natural fiber and machine washable properties. They are similar to the old type of canvas that was soft and flexible. They can be easily washed with a washing machine. They are the best to use of public transport vehicles as they are also very cost-effective. Finally, the tweed blend is a blend that comes with water resistance cotton wool. They are very soft and kind to the body. They are flexible and easy to install and uninstall. This is the most durable variation of the canvas seat covers

Leather seat cover

carThere is no comfortable seat cover like the leather seat covers. They are fitted with most of the expensive cover. This is waterproof and very durable. The emulate light and therefore becomes very beautiful and attractive at night. They come in two blends. The genuine leather and the leatherette specification.

The genuine leather is a luxurious and natural material that offers a great level of breathability and a very pleasant smell. They are relatively flexible and becomes more flexible as they age and softens. The leatherette blend is the blend of leather cover that cannot afford the price of leather. They mimic every aspect of the genuine leather, but they are less durable compared to genuine leather.