Four Ways to Make Your Car More Comfortable

The typical person spends a lot of time driving. Depending on your particular line of work and personal habits, it may even feel like your car is a second home. Recent studies indicate the average American spends about 500 hours in a car each year, and this translates to close to a month being on the move in a vehicle. While your amount of time inside a car maybe a little less or more, chances are you could benefit from making your car a bit more comfortable. Here are some ideas on how to achieve that.

Improve the Cushion

Car seat covers and seat cushions can be purchased with memory foam or added seat padding for additional comfort. Some models offer heating capabilities to keep you warm on colder days if your vehicle is not equipped with seat heaters. Some seat covers provide added lumbar support if your vehicle does not provide enough.

Upgrade Your Floor Mats

There are a wide variety of floor mats you can purchase for your vehicle, ranging from solid rubber options that offer better winter protection, or clear ones that protect against mud. There are also all-weather floor mats, which are ideal if you experience different seasons where you live. No matter which floor mat you intend to purchase, however, we recommend sticking with known brands that have market credibility.

Replace the Brake Pads Regularly

Brake pads consist of friction material that is bonded to a sturdy steel backing plate. When you push on the brake pedal, the friction material on the brake pads is forced against the inner and outer surfaces of the steel brake rotor under tremendous pressure. The resulting friction causes the wheels on your car to slow rapidly, allowing for a quick, safe, and controlled stop. After thousands of miles, this friction material eventually wears away, and the brake rotor wears away as well, requiring replacement.

Scent Your Car with a Nice Aroma

Car air fresheners have been around for ages, and almost anyone has one inside their cars these days. Just like any other type of air fresheners, car air fresheners are designed to keep the car smelling nice at all times and to rid the car of any nasty odors that might otherwise make the drive unenjoyable.