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Different Types of Oil Filters

If you own a car, make sure that you know how to maintain your car. First, the motor oil that you put into your car engine will work as absorb and hold inorganic and organic contaminants. The inorganic impurities include dust, wearing off various components of your car engine and metallic particles. Also, the organic pollutants include oxidized oil, bugs, and bacteria. It is recommended that you understand the importance of motor oil before you select the best motor oil for your car.

Motor oil will help to protect your car engine, and it will help to improve your car’s performance and efficiency. Therefore, this will prolong the life of your engine. However, when you are selecting the best oil for your car, it is advisable to know the various types of oil filters. You may also need to change your oil filters, and you are required to know the types of oil filters your engine needs.

Types of oil filters

Spinner filters

Spinner filtersThe spinner filters are also known as centrifugal oil filters. Most people prefer this type of an oil filter because they use a spinning motion to hold and trap motor oil contaminants. Before you choose this type of an oil filter, you are required to know how it works. Therefore, when it comes to spinner filters, you will realize that it has two sections, a membrane, and a housing chamber. This type of a filter has a base gasket that is used to prevent the motor oil from leaking.

Thermal chamber oil filters

It is important to understand that this type of an oil filter works in two ways. First, they raise the temperatures to destroy various contaminants. Secondly, they filter the motor oil to get rid of the impurities. These thermal chamber oil filters are not commonly used because they can work to refine your oil. By doing so, it means that they need to consume a lot of electricity and they might end up reducing the fuel efficiency of your vehicle.

Magnetic oil filters

filtersThese are the other types of oil filters you are required to know if you want to remove the metallic impurities. If you are facing challenges of removing metallic contaminants from the motor oil, this is one of the best types of oil filters you are supposed to rely on. Avoid replacing your oil filter but instead be cleaning it periodically. By doing this, you will keep it functional.