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What To Consider Before Shopping For Windshield Wiper Blades

Windshield wiper blades are some of the most useful parts of the vehicle. They are a mandatory requirement by law for one to have them. However, most car owners overlook them until when it starts to snow or rain. Wiper blades are essential in clearing rainwater, snow or dirt from the screen so as to enhance clarity of the windscreen when driving. A lot needs to be considered when replacing these windshield wipers so as to get wipers that will do a stellar job. Here are some of the factors to consider when shopping for the best windshield wiper blades.


Contact and coverage

Windshield Wiper BladesThe best windshield wiper blades are the ones that maintain a firm contact with the windscreen and also cover the full field view. The recent makes of cars have greater curves on their windshield making it difficult for most wiper blades to make a consistent and firm contact. This affects the quality of the wipe leaving patches of water and dirt that lead to poor visibility. One should shop around for wiper blades that follow the windscreen curves and do a thorough job.


Most wiper blades do a stellar job when they are still new but wear off after a short time. Reports have shown that many wiper blades wear off easily regardless of how expensive they are. One should go for the brands that have a history of quality windshield wiper blades. Durable windshields will save you the cost of regular replacement.

Type of connectors

The windshield wiper blade connectors vary depending on the type of vehicle that you have. It is important to choose a blade connector that matches your car so that you do not have a difficult time mounting it on your vehicle. The hook style connectors are the most common in the market. However, some cars use bayonet mounts or pinch tabs. The best windshield wiper blades are the ones that have adaptors that can be fitted on any of these connectors.

Choose wipers that suit your environment

If you are an off-road car user, then the standard rubber wiper may not be the best choice to wipe off wet mud and dust off your screen. The rubber wiper blades are good for clearing water and light dirt. However, if you are a regular off-road user, you may consider using the silicone wiper blades. Silicone wiper blades have stiff handles that can handle pressure from thick mud and dirt. Those who have used them praise them for their durability and robustness.

Size of your windscreen

Windshield Wiper BladesKnowing the size of your windscreen is critical especially if you are shopping for wiper blades online. Most vehicles have different sizes of wiper blades for driver windscreen and the rear screen. Buying a small windshield wiper blade will mean poor coverage while oversized wiper blades will not maintain the right contact with the screen and therefore do a poor job.

Before you rush to the auto spare shop to replace your streaking wiper blades, choose a replacement that will be worth your time and investment. You can use these tips to select the best windshield screen wiper blade for your car.